This series, called "S.O.S (Sketches of Sunlight)" was created by myself and Yokohama based filmmaker Naoki Yoshimoto. Initially it was a video and sound installation created at BankART STATION from April to June of 2019 for their annual Artist In Residency program. 

I came up with the concept during the previous months through a lot of short experimental writing and thinking deeply about how capitalism has had a very negative effect on the world in my opinion. I talked with Naoki about collaborating on it and the BankART residency came up and gave us the chance to get to work.

The goal was to illustrate what I view as a rapid decline of life on earth; politically, morally and environmentally. Although I feel capitalism has been a big factor in these problems, the films don’t stress that. I didn’t want to beat people over the head ranting about my political views. Instead we wanted to create 5 or 6 very short, silent, somewhat experimental films that evoked a mood rather than told a linear story. We weren’t worried about perfection as we had no money and 8 weeks to do it all.

With the help of BankART, some friends and strangers, we managed to finish. The installation was pretty successful in that we got quite a few people to talk about the issues we presented. That really was the final goal; to spark conversation. 

Here the films are presented in an arranged order though it was never planned this way. Each film has a little something written about it in the description.

I want to thank everyone who helped us out, especially Mr. Ikeda the director of BankART for letting us into the program and Shun Tsuzawa, also of BankART, who helped us secure equipment and his help at the facility. Special thanks to Sulejman Brkić for his participation and connecting us to people who lent their time. The Kogane-cho Arts Area for providing location help and Mia Tomano for her help recruiting her dance students. Thanks to Naoki Yoshimoto, my partner in this too. He taught me some things about filmmaking and did a lot work behind the camera and at the editing desk.


この映像のシリーズ「S.O.S (Sketches of Sunlight)」は、私と横浜を拠点に活動する映像作家の吉本直紀によって、2019年の4月から6月にかけてBankART Staionでのアーティストレジデンシープログラムの公開制作作品として制作された、映像と音楽によるインスタレーションです。






Ever since the first Iraq War aka the Gulf War back in 1990, the idea of patriotism has bothered me. In the years following 9/11 it began to freak me out. These days in America and many other countries I see patriotism making an ugly transformation, one I don’t think is going away any time soon and will be quite dangerous.


The idea of being innocent until proven guilty seems like a quaint concept as we enter the third decade of the 21st century. All around the world, stumbling into a kafkaesque nightmare of being isolated with no due process is not a far stretch of the imagination. This is all too real for far too many people.


It’s really unbelievable that only about 40 - 50% of the population vote in places like the United States or Japan. I don’t know that people have given up, are too zoned out to care or just not mentally able to participate in democracy because it requires work. Maybe it’s one or all those things. Maybe it’s something else. A real lost opportunity as things around us decline.


I know if I go into a bar and everyone is smoking the place is filled with smoke and smells like an ashtray. Similarly, if enough kids shit in the pool it will eventually just be a shit pit. Why do we think the air and the oceans are any different? We’ve done so much smoking and shitting in such a short amount of time it’s hardly surprising nature is going to push back at some point. And that point seems to have already passed us by.


The level of hatred out in the world towards people that are different, poor or weak fascinates me. With all that’s going on in the world and the tiny amount of people at the top who make others lives miserable, to see that rage projected onto strangers is disturbing. I’ve seen this up close and personal, and from a distance in the news. While I can figure out some possible scenarios that cause it, I still don’t get it. Not at the levels we’re seeing currently.


As the great band The Clash wrote, “You have the right to free speech, as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it”. Political dissidents all over the world have the crazy luck of getting killed, thrown into prison or going into exile. Of course, there’s the civilized way of just smearing people’s reputation or some other form of public humiliation, usually over something unrelated to the opinions they espouse.


Despite all the terrible things in the world, in the end, there is still beauty out there. There are still those who give so much of themselves to ease your mind if only for an hour.

Embrace it. Give thanks for it. Remember though, if you want beauty in the world, we have to fight for it. There is no this with too much of that madness in the world.