Who doesn't miss Satan when he's gone? He's a fun guy. There are times though when he gets a bit cruel and dumps a heap of shit on us. That's been my week but not in a negative sense. Just busy with my responsibilities to others and had no time to do any lino printing this week.

Got a bit of sketching done, and tentatively started on a new thing with my photographs as I've hit the wall with the stuff I've been concentrating on (more on that another day). I definitely enjoy keeping occupied with more than one thing at a time, but when you get in a groove on something and other factors keep you from it, it's frustrating.

Anyway, Japan being the land of a thousand holidays, I should have some free time coming up soon as the country takes it's annual week off called "Golden Week". Ain't no gold for me during that week but I suppose time off is a treasure of sorts.