Photographed by Mario Casilli and Gene Trindl

I love the retro Playboy Playmates. Of course they were attractive and curvy, as in this photo of Fran Gerard, Miss March from 1967. There's just the kind of everyday woman of it all too that's very alluring. No nips and tucks and those breasts are not a couple of bags of silicone in her chest. Just a natural quality that's even evident in the lighting. No big slick production but it's a fabulous shot nonetheless.

Interestingly, I found this photo on Tumblr and did a quick Google search to find the photographers name, which it turns out was the two guys credited above. I've heard of Casilli but not the other guy and don't know why they're both credited. Maybe they both did some shooting or something. Who knows and that's not the interesting part anyway.

I came across this odd tidbit about Fran Gerard during that search. Apparently she was the first Playmate to ever wear glasses, which I'll admit looks very sexy on her. I got this info from The Eyewear Blog (which I think is more about glasses than naked women) and as you can read in a little more detail here, she was a Playmate at age 18, married some dude who was 37, divorced 7 months later, remarried and died at age 37 in 1985. Although she was an aspiring actress and model, after her Playboy appearance she dropped out of sight. No appearances or public life at all which is odd as women have used Playboy as a springboard for all types of careers throughout it's history.

That's it really. Just a quirky story of a once lovely young lady who I knew nothing about and now is a kind of romantically tragic mystery woman. Life is like that; quick, random and mysterious.