The 1970’s were a truly incredible decade. Set aside politics, art and music, and focus on the fashion alone. Narrow that down even further to people middle aged and above who embraced all the change going on around them and you get priceless anonymous photos like the one above. Very few mothers or grandmothers were dressing like this even through the sixties. Everyone jumped on board in the 70’s and thankfully it happened to be a time when home photography really took off to record it all.




Photographer: Jamel Shabazz (?)

A couple of super fresh brothers reminding me how lucky I am to have seen all the wild changes over the years. Those boom boxes were the shit back in the day, whether you were a b-boy or a metal head. A vital piece of equipment for hanging out. Now you walk around with the world in your pocket. Which is fine, but I’m telling ya, if ya weren’t alive in those days, the whole vibe was different. Electric. Fresh. People weren’t so jaded. Not that things were great but you had to get out of the house and hit the streets. Interact with all types of folks. You had to wait to get back with your friends if you saw something crazy out there. Ah, I’m a middle aged fart stinking up the room with all this memory lane shit.




photographer and model unkown

I love these old nudie pictures from back in what looks like the 1960’s here. It’s not hard to imagine this woman was probably going out on a limb doing these photos and risking her reputation back then. That’s almost hard to believe these days with what’s available on the innertubes. Anyway, she looks great and I totally dig those glasses.




Here's an example of the photo series I'm dabbling with at the moment. I'm calling it DOUBLE X since it's all gonna be double exposures. The exposures are made rapidly so hopefully only a fraction of a second or separates the two images. 

I'm hoping to catch the so called "decisive moment" (NO, I'm not comparing myself to Henri Cartier Bresson), but obviously the moment I think is right, followed by the instant after. The combination gives a odd effect with a good subject. The feeling of a good moment being captured is there, but the ghosting from the second image makes you realize something isn't right. I like the idea of things never really being still, things always being in flux. 

The above shot is an ok representation of what I'm talking about. I just started fucking around with it a few days ago so I'll see if it proves worth pursuing. The weather is warming up so I'll be outside a lot more in the coming months. Maybe something else will grab my interest by then but either way, I'm done taking pictures of textures and shapes for a while. Completely burnt out on that for now.