double x



I posted a couple months ago a double exposure and mentioned I was thinking of continuing it as a project. Since then I've been playing with the technique a bit and it's been pretty fun. I've got about 5 images I'm real happy with, including the one above. Not enough for a series yet but I'm not trying to force it. I've gone weeks without thinking about it and then a day will come and it feels right to look around for things that would work.

So far, all the images feature people in them and I don't plan on changing that. It's what gives interest to the image to me. It's just those 2 or 3 seconds between shots that give the feeling of time moving, things in constant flux.

I started by just doing all the processing on my iPhone in Snapseed but lately have been throwing the shots into Photoshop to get a little more control over the blending. I've been using some masking as well to bring out at least one element completely visible and unobstructed. At first I was trying to be real purist about it but with people on the streets I don't always get two images that separate well enough and it just looks busy and muddled. I don't go crazy with it, just enough to make the image have a focus point.

I'm gonna keep on going with them until I reach enough for a series and possibly after if it's still an interesting exercise. I don't know. I really enjoy printmaking a lot more than photography right now but I've been thinking of ways to combine image transfers with my prints.

We'll see. I have a lot of ideas but having trouble focusing on tying them together at this point in time. The world has my head spinning these days and I find when I get into thought about where we're at, hours have passed and I'm spent. That's where it's at.





Here's an example of the photo series I'm dabbling with at the moment. I'm calling it DOUBLE X since it's all gonna be double exposures. The exposures are made rapidly so hopefully only a fraction of a second or separates the two images. 

I'm hoping to catch the so called "decisive moment" (NO, I'm not comparing myself to Henri Cartier Bresson), but obviously the moment I think is right, followed by the instant after. The combination gives a odd effect with a good subject. The feeling of a good moment being captured is there, but the ghosting from the second image makes you realize something isn't right. I like the idea of things never really being still, things always being in flux. 

The above shot is an ok representation of what I'm talking about. I just started fucking around with it a few days ago so I'll see if it proves worth pursuing. The weather is warming up so I'll be outside a lot more in the coming months. Maybe something else will grab my interest by then but either way, I'm done taking pictures of textures and shapes for a while. Completely burnt out on that for now.