Ah man, I knew it would happen. The days are breezing by, it's getting warm and I'm falling asleep at the computer half the time. All that to say I'm a shitty blogger, which I did say in my first post here.

I've been like a hamster on the wheel, busy at getting not much done. At least it feels that way. Hoping to have a productive weekend and do a new print. Don't know for sure though as we're planning a rather ambitious exhibit / event for July and a lot of my energy (mentally) is going to that presently.

Anyway, here's some crazy, way out there chicks busting moves...just for you.




WHAT THE HELL IS "bläg22"?!?

Personally, I am completely burnt out on social media. It gives me agita to be honest. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp...all and any of it makes me want to bash my head against a brick wall.

Like everyone else I use it. I have to for business reasons and to see what's going on as far as events and stuff go. But, I honestly can't keep up and don't want to. The algorithms they have these days make "keeping up" nearly impossible. That's the point, right? They want your eyeballs for hours and hours.

So, I've more or less quit. "Well, who gives a fuck?", you might ask. Fair question. The answer: nobody. "So why are you doing this 'blog', if you're so above it all man?", you might also ask. Another fair question. The answer: I don't know. I guess I wanna be recognized just as much as the next anon and show off all the shit I think is clever and cool. I'm just tired of doing it with all the screaming and yelling going on around me.

I've started and stopped blogs probably a dozen times over the last 15 years. I'm not good at it. But I plan to give it a proper go this time around. I'm looking at it like this is my house and if you wanna stop by, you're always welcome. Can't guarantee I'll be home or if I am, that I'll have anything interesting to offer. However, I'll be grateful if ya check in now and then to see how I'm doing.