Edward Honaker is a Southern California based photographer who appears to be mainly a capable portrait/fashion/wedding specialist. However, tucked in his very minimal website in portfolio #2 is an incredible body of work.

In this portfolio Honaker creates a series of black and white photographs that illustrate his own issues with depression and anxiety. It’s a stunning body of work, both beautiful and tragic. Anyone who has suffered these conditions knows fully how isolated one can feel even among the people we love. The lack of understanding or indifference by others further exacerbates that isolation. Honaker has captured these intense feelings so accurately they left me both speechless and overjoyed that an artist articulated my own experiences in such a creative, stark and fully understandable manner.

It’s an important series that shouts to those of us afflicted with depression that someone gets it and to those who have never experienced the crippling effects an insight to the emotions one feels, yet more importantly, I think the work opens a door for discussion and questions for others to learn about the subject. While not a taboo anymore, I still have the impression that many don’t understand depression and anxiety very well. Or they’ve read enough articles in popular magazines to think they do.

Each case is unique, and with great art like this I think it gives people a chance to share their experiences and gives others a chance to ask deeper questions to those they may know. For many of us, it’s something that doesn’t go away. It’s just there. Always there. These photographs give voice to that.

I hope Honaker does more artistic work as he clearly has the sensibilities to create thought provoking art. If not, I’m grateful he took the time to share this one.