Yosuke Chiba


Another Japanese band this week in a completely different genre. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant are definitely one of my faves. Singer Yosuke Chiba has one of the great rock voices in my opinion. 

They were active during the 90's decade and have very good catalogue if you like straight forward rock, with a touch of rockabilly and quality musicianship from all the members. All the songs are sung in Japanese but don't let that get in the way of rocking out to one of the tightest bands you'll hear.

I chose this album as it has the song "Sekai No Owari" (世界の終わり) [translates to The End of the World or World's End], which is the first tune I heard by them sometime in the mid 90's and played repeatedly for a good week after listening to it. An amazingly catchy driving tune that I still play quite a lot.

I forgot which album it was for, may have been this one or "Gear Blues" I think but either way they were I'm pretty sure the first Japanese band to get a 4 star rating in Rolling Stone at the time. I may have the details a little wrong but it was a solid review and unusual for the magazine to issue a rating like that back then.

Anyway, check it!