She Hangs Brightly


From my extensive research of about 20 of my friends, it seems you either really like or hate Mazzy Star. I fell into the camp of being a fan when this, their debut album, came out. I really like the ethereal, spacey sound and Hope Sandoval's voice really resonated with me. I saw them a couple of times in San Francisco, once at the Fillmore with the The Jesus and Mary Chain. Very cool to see live back then.

Anyway I like the 3 or 4 records they put out with this being my favorite. I've never listened to Hope Sandoval's solo stuff really. I'm sure I've heard some and probably should investigate it. I think the Mazzy Star stuff I just relate strongly with a time in my life and I just wanna keep it there.

Check it out if you never heard them before or give it another try all these years later if you hated them in the 90's.