I don’t watch a whole lot of television stuff not because I don’t think it’s bad, though most is pretty bad, but the good stuff I can’t seem to keep up with. The last really good thing I finished was “The Wire” which was obviously a while ago. I got through about two seasons of “Community” which was fun but I got busy and never got back to it.

This week “Undone” started on Amazon Prime and I really like it a lot so far. The good thing about not seeing a lot of series is that I don’t know who the actors are and in Undone I love Rosa Salazar, who I’d never heard of. That she’s animated in the show makes no difference and in fact let’s her character come through even more. It’s real easy to fall for a character when you know them only as…well, the character.

It’s an interesting thing and an enjoyable surprise when you come upon talent in this way; unbiased and accepting. Salazar gives Alma just the right amount of cynicism which fits nicely with the crazy events that happen to her.

Good stuff. I hope it stays fresh for a while.




Back again after a long hiatus. Got a bit of a new look and will be adding some material very soon. I have a bunch of stuff I’m uploading to the YouTube, some of which I’ll post here and have a page on the site with all of it. I’m also streamlining the pages to a couple of galleries of relevant recent work I’ve been doing.

As for da blog I won’t be posting as frequently, maybe once or twice a week. Depends on how busy I am but no 5 days a week or anything. I’ve got comments open so feel free to say what’s up. I may start doing some posts in Japanese at the start of 2020 so my folks here have something to laugh at.

What else…nothing really. I’ll be seeing ya soon.




A cigarette ad from 1933. Seems like a fucking weird name for any product in any era, “craven, adjective; contemptibly lacking in courage; cowardly”. Not to mention this poor bastard probably died of lung cancer with that 2 pack a day habit.

I’m glad I kicked cigarettes around 20 years ago. With everything we know about cancer sticks these days it bums me out to see friends still smoking away. I understand and can’t say much as a former smoker but god damn. I can’t count the number of people I know who’ve died because of those things, one as recently as two weeks ago.

Life is certainly full of enough shit to get your stress level off the charts at any given moment. Advertising, warnings, public servant announcements; none of that is gonna change anyone’s mind who needs a little relief. And I’ll tell you, with all the deregulation coming back, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see these kinds of ads return.

Take Fred’s advice: kick those things to the curb, save some money and possibly avoid all the mind bending ways these things can put you in an early grave.

Or not, it’s your life not mine.




I don’t know what people are writing about when they say Brett Kavanaugh was defiant in his testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee. What I saw was a guy at the brink of a nervous breakdown. I saw a guy filled with partisan vitriol. A guy breaking into tears at very odd times in his opening statement. I saw a guy filibuster nearly every yes or no question that came his way from the Democrats on the committee, primarily and oddly about agreeing to an FBI investigation into the matter. I saw a guy who couldn’t give an answer as to how many beers is too many in his opinion. A guy who said he’s never had a blackout from drinking beer. I saw a guy lying.

I have no idea really whether he tried to rape Christine Blasey Ford 35 years ago. Maybe he doesn’t even really know. And without sounding callous, at this point I really don’t care. The allegations are awful and Blasey Ford came across credibly during her testimony. But at this point it does seem like a case of he said, she said and I don’t know if an FBI investigation would clarify it. What does matter to me is this guy, unequivocally showed he does not have the temperament for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the United States.

This guy was touting conspiracy theories against him in a state of near paranoia. Looked and sounded like a 15 year old begging his peers to believe a lie he’d been caught in. No contemplation, no ease of answering basic questions, no idea why he’s in the spot he’s in. This is an angry, petulant guy who really seems to believe he’s entitled to the job just because he was nominated.

Kamala Harris pointed out that Neil Gorsuch was put before the same committee and there didn’t seem to be a conspiracy out to deny his nomination and he didn’t break down like this guy despite the partisan nature of his appointment. She declared the only difference between the men really was that Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault. A charge he didn’t defiantly deny but slinked, squirmed and cried his denial.

What he showed today is not what I think of when I think of a Supreme Court Justice deliberating matters of the highest importance. He gave away his real character today and it was embarrassing and ugly to witness. He left the stale taste of a man who can’t be trusted. Mendacity filled the air not from the big question of the day but from the little things that floated out of his mouth.

I’m sure he’s drinking a few beers tonight safe in the knowledge that the committee looks likely to approve his nomination for a vote. But it’s gonna be a tight vote in the senate. He won’t be able to cry and stomp his feet and drink a lot of water during that vote. He’s probably gonna be drinking a few too many beers (however many that is for him, we’ll never know) that day with Timmy, PJ, Becky and the gang who hung out with the Georgetown Prep boys.




photographer and model unkown

I love these old nudie pictures from back in what looks like the 1960’s here. It’s not hard to imagine this woman was probably going out on a limb doing these photos and risking her reputation back then. That’s almost hard to believe these days with what’s available on the innertubes. Anyway, she looks great and I totally dig those glasses.




Back in the early 80’s Megadeth’s main guy Dave Mustaine was part of Metallica. They kicked him out of the band for being too drunk or too drugged, pretty unceremoniously. Mustaine got his head together enough to form Megadeth with Chris Poland (guitar), Dave Ellefson (bass) and Gar Samuelson (drums). This album was their first release. A classic in my book.

Metallica certainly went on to bigger fame and fortune overall but I think Mustaine really captured the thrash element that was emerging at that time. Megadeth’s catalog went on to include quite a few classic albums with various incarnations of the band. All pushed very complicated guitar riffs, insane solos and in my opinion have a better legacy than Metallica.

This album hints at what’s to come in the future for them. Somewhat jazzy, very heavy, cool guitar work and a lot of rebellious attitude. I think Mustaine was always fighting to prove he was better than Metallica and while it really wasn’t needed, maybe it did drive him to have a great career.

Don’t get me wrong, back in those days I was a fan of both bands. But after Metallica released “Master of Puppets” it went downhill for me. I wasn’t a fan of any other album. I liked some songs from various albums they made, but never as a whole package. Losing Cliff Burton in that tragic bus accident affected those guys, especially when they were just getting monumentally huge. I think his death sapped some of the soul out of the band so much that they really never recovered musically.

Megadeth however went on to create a good number of albums that work as a whole. They kept the thrash yet evolved, lyrically were more consistent and just were more consistent overall. They’ve had their share of ups and downs with drugs and what not but every time I saw them live they kicked ass, The last time I saw them was about 10 years ago and they were fantastic.

If you’ve never heard the band, there’s no better start than the beginning with Megadeth. They go from great to legendary. I’ll always consider them superior to Metallica though the argument is old and tired, and has been for years. But, I still run into people who wanna (almost always in good fun) have the argument. Megadeth, hands down.




Last beam removed from Ground Zero - 9/11 Museum (photographer unknown)

Really is hard to believe 9/11 happened 17 years ago. I say that every year I guess…

Still, the images are fresh in my mind of the destruction and death I saw on TV and they rattle around with memories of seeing the towers being built from the car when I was a kid, Philippe Petit doing his high wire walk between them on the news and the many times I went to the observation deck after they were completed with family or at night with dates I tried to impress. It’s a surreal mixture.

My heart still goes out to all the victims that day in NYC, DC and PA and their families. It always will…




Nothing but rad goofy fun on this selection of Japanese hits from 1966 - 70. All female singers, none that I was familiar with. Nonetheless, I love this kind of stuff. Very much defines a time and I find it real easy to close my eyes and time travel.

The tracks:

01  –Mie Nakao  Sharock No.1 00:00
02  –Eiko Shuri  Yé-Yé  02:24
03  –J Girls  Kiiro No Sekai  05:19
04  –Mari Atsumi  Suki Yo Ai Shite  08:18
05  –The Cupids  Bazazz Tengoku  10:48
06  –Miki Obata  Hatsu Koi No Letter  13:26
07  –Kaoru Hibiki  Taiyou Ga Kowai No  16:07
08  –Mie Nakao  Uwasa No Futari  19:11
09  –Aki Izumi  Koi Wa Heart De  23:00
10  –Emy Jackson  Tenshi No Itazura  25:13
11  –Margaret  With Bunnys  Aeba Suki Suki  28:01