Today was good day. I went to Koganecho an area in Yokohama that runs an art program. An artist friend of mine, SHI, is exhibiting her latest work there now in a show called 『日常の中の夢の日常〜Sweet Delusion〜』 until June 10th.

Great stuff. In this series it's all nuns, who as you know, are committed to a life free of sex, drugs and rock n roll. You know, all the fun stuff they maybe wish they could do. She's kind of using their chastity as a metaphor for a lot of what people feel these days. There's plenty of restrictions put on us by society, whether economic, sexual or any number of things that prevent us from fulfilling our desires. 

SHI has a playful yet subversive style in her work that I like a lot. There's a deeper layer than the surface which is often included or titled with words that have double entendres. She's smart and fun to talk with as well. If you happen to be reading this and are in the Tokyo / Yokohama area, I'd recommend swinging by and checking her out.

Follow SHI on Instagram here.

Photos by me, Fred Vee.