I posted a couple months ago a double exposure and mentioned I was thinking of continuing it as a project. Since then I've been playing with the technique a bit and it's been pretty fun. I've got about 5 images I'm real happy with, including the one above. Not enough for a series yet but I'm not trying to force it. I've gone weeks without thinking about it and then a day will come and it feels right to look around for things that would work.

So far, all the images feature people in them and I don't plan on changing that. It's what gives interest to the image to me. It's just those 2 or 3 seconds between shots that give the feeling of time moving, things in constant flux.

I started by just doing all the processing on my iPhone in Snapseed but lately have been throwing the shots into Photoshop to get a little more control over the blending. I've been using some masking as well to bring out at least one element completely visible and unobstructed. At first I was trying to be real purist about it but with people on the streets I don't always get two images that separate well enough and it just looks busy and muddled. I don't go crazy with it, just enough to make the image have a focus point.

I'm gonna keep on going with them until I reach enough for a series and possibly after if it's still an interesting exercise. I don't know. I really enjoy printmaking a lot more than photography right now but I've been thinking of ways to combine image transfers with my prints.

We'll see. I have a lot of ideas but having trouble focusing on tying them together at this point in time. The world has my head spinning these days and I find when I get into thought about where we're at, hours have passed and I'm spent. That's where it's at.





It's been many years but I think I first got turned onto Judas Priest in 1978 or 1979. I know I was in junior high school. At any rate "Sin After Sin" was one of the first albums I heard by them though "Hell Bent For Leather" seems more likely. 

I thought they were one of the best bands I'd ever heard in my short life at the time. They fucking rocked and they had the metal look that young knuckleheads like me related to. I saw them live 6 or 7 times, the first time at the Palladium in New York City in 1980 or 81 with Iron Maiden as the opening act and it was one of the highlights of my music going experiences but it wouldn't be long before I stopped following them altogether.

They'd been around for quite a while by the time I discovered them with a collection of albums that were, and still are, indispensable to me. I guess it was around 1983 that "Screaming For Vengeance" came out and while it's a decent record and I liked it at the time, the band had found it's formula and I didn't buy another album after that.

They went on to conquer the world of metal and still play as far as I know. I last saw them in 1990 and they put on a good show with a lot of tunes from the old days. But this album in particular takes me back to a time and a place. Long before the internet when me and my misfit friends would spends hours hanging out listening to records, doing some recreational drugs and discussing the merits of one band, or one album over another.

As far as I'm concerned their earlier albums still hold up to this day and I play them pretty frequently. Still have the occasional discussion with an old friend or two about whether Les Binks or Simon Phillips would have been the better drummer to stay with the band. Classic band, classic metal during the height of disco and a lot of classic memories...





Another week, another print, same problems. I had a real simple concept for this print which I'm sure is easy to see. I wanted a succession of squares from light grey, to a mid grey, to black within each other and against a bright background.

Obviously I'm still having trouble cutting a straight line as those are some wobbly ass looking squares! I guess it's gonna take some time and more practice just drawing the lines, let alone cutting them if I want something more symmetric. Who knows, maybe I'm more a free form guy but I'm gonna keep up the practice. I'd like to get a good grip on making shapes.

Inking is still giving me problems, You can see the light grey barely held and that was true for the 5 prints I made. I think I need to experiment with putting some kind of binder in with certain inks. The ink is very thin after I mix it and while that textured look can be cool, it's definitely not what I wanted.

My registration is getting better. I rigged up a decent system to try and get the paper aligned each time I ink the plate. Speaking of the plate, this was also the reductive method, cutting each color out from the same plate. I'm gonna shop around for some other linoleum as the stuff I'm using is kind of flimsy and I have to cut it down to a square. I want to try multiple plates to see if I can get some better results and I think I might need stronger material for that. Maybe not.

It was an interesting kick in the balls not being able to make some simple squares. It's a large reason I like doing this. It humbles me and gives me something to problem solve. No definite plan for the next print, but simple and minimal seems to be in the back of my brain.




I first remember hearing the Talking Heads when I was around 12 years old. Me and a friend heard the song "Take Me to the River" and thought it was one of the funniest songs we ever heard (we had no idea it was an Al Green tune). We loved it and for a good solid month played that song at least a couple times a day religiously.

The band really stuck with me and I followed them after. Soon MTV hit the scene and the band made great videos to go with their music. A lot of those videos of theirs from the early 80's are still pretty brilliant. They were amazing innovators musically, presentation wise and live.

"Fear Of Music" remains one of my favorite albums from any band. As relevant today as when it was released it's got a lot of heavy themes with catchy, complex music. A must have for me. If you've never heard it, check it out.