Johnny Rotten


I'd forgotten how good Public Image Ltd. was until the other day when I stumbled upon their stuff. Johnny Rotten had gone back to being John Lydon after the death of the Sex Pistols and forged a whole new post punk sound, especially with their first few albums.

I liked the idea of the Sex Pistols when I was a kid and was interested in reading about them in the magazines and their look. But I can't say I liked them too much. I mean "God Save the Queen" was a lot of fun but there's not a whole lot musically I ever liked. Stories of Sid Vicious being too zonked on heroin to play a song live kind of pissed me off too. Johnny Rotten was the most interesting of the bunch in my opinion.

So when PiL came around it was good to see his smarts on display and a whole new sound to leave the Sex Pistols to folklore. The band basically was a vehicle for Lydon as band members came and went. I recall at the time following them on and off and after "Album" more of less lost track of them.

Super glad I reintroduced myself this week. Some real quality sounds and pretty groundbreaking music for it's time. This is "Metal Box", one of their best, but if like me, they slipped off your radar, PiL is definitely worth going back to. Just as good as anything out there these days.

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