Elyssa Goodman


Vivian Maier, Chicago 1962

Anyone who follows photography somewhat seriously knows the legend of Vivian Maier. A nanny who led a seemingly mundane life was unknowingly out on the streets doing incredible photography. Her work discovered after her death she has been a sensation in the relatively short time since her work was found. I believe there is a film, though not sure if it’s a documentary or not.

Her body of work was largely known by many (myself included) to be black and white, square medium format. With a wonderful eye and sense of timing, it’s been amazing to most how this talent was kept secret by her. Now we find another mystery, that Maier shot a large body of work in color as well. Both medium format and 35mm. She had a good sense of color from what I’ve seen but it certainly is a different vibe, especially the 35mm work.

Here is a good article written by Elyssa Goodman that goes into further detail. If you’re a fan of Maier it’s worth a read and like me , will likely provoke more interest in the elusive talented woman we basically only know through her photography.