Deep Dream Generator


Lately I've kind of taken in interest in too many things and as a result I'm not getting much done of the things I want to do. Some of it is a function of other obligations and having to get up to speed with software and some of it's just kind of losing focus recently. Maybe it's the heat of the summer but I'm just not making the time for printmaking for example. 

Anyway, while cleaning out my bookmarks recently I found the link to the Deep Dream Generator and started playing with that again. If you don't know what it is, in a nutshell, it's a software program for images that uses algorithms that alter an uploaded image. It's original intent was for computer learning, for AI to detect your friends faces on social media and what not.

People use it creatively now. The software has built in templates you can use or you can combine images to create unusual effects. I wouldn't say it's the greatest thing in the world and it can get gimmicky real quick. However, it is fun and can breathe life into an image that's not so exciting. The shot above is from Kamakura, Japan. Pretty typical tourist type shot of the bird man statues (karasu-tengu) at Kenchoji Temple (建長寺). But a quick run through the software gives it a bit of interest. Kenchoji is a beautiful place to visit if you happen to visit Kamakura.

I linked Deep Dream Generator above if you're interested in playing around with it. As I mentioned, it's a fun tool and the more I think about it, with certain filters could be good reference or inspiration for paintings or drawings if you're in a rut.