If they asked her if she was busy and her mind whirling with a million thoughts, I can relate. If they asked her if she was really a man or a demon about to kill them - I’d be interested and thankful for the distraction.




Back in the day this was a pretty common phrase. Let’s all work to together to bring it back in 2019. We need more positive things in the world, and this word exudes positivity. It’s not much but every little bit helps when it comes to making the world a more solid place to live in.




A little reported tragedy that happens to hundreds every Christmas: loss of fingers or even worse, hands, due to opening too many gifts. Many times what seems like a harmless paper cut while unwrapping a gift gets deeper with each subsequent gift until suddenly the appendage detaches from the body. I really wish more attention was this horrible phenomenon.




The great Stan Lee passed away after 95 years on planet earth. The creator of the Marvel Comics universe was a legend in my book and I know I’m not alone. Marvel characters were always more interesting to me as a kid than DC (which I do also enjoy) and Stan Lee was the force behind that. He gave the characters a lot of humanity by showing flaws in the good guys and not just the bad guys.

It’s remarkable the amount of characters he created that I loved. Spider Man was huge for me as a kid. I also loved Daredevil, The Hulk and was mesmerized by Silver Surfer. I couldn’t get enough Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos and The Fantastic Four were great as well. Of course, Stan had Jack Kirby as partner and they created many of the characters together.

As a kid, my brother and a couple of cousins of mine who may as well of been our brothers, spent hours passing those comics around to each other, arguing who was better or dissecting the stories. That was like 45 years ago. Now in 2018 Marvel is stronger than ever with all the movies and what not. It’s mind boggling to think of so many millions of kids throughout the years who were entertained, inspired, taught a bit about the human condition and bonded as friends through the work of Stan Lee.

In the grand scheme of things 95 years is a good run on this spinning rock. To have created what Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and all the others did must have been damn satisfying for him. A real iconic figure with a great imagination. Like millions of others around the world, I want to say thanks Stan.