Carlos Santana


I was lucky to grow up with a lot of family around me, cousins and what not. Being the youngest growing up I had pretty much no say in what went on the record player when everyone was hanging out. It wasn’t much of a problem as I really didn’t have much of an opinion about music at eight or nine years old. So I’d listen to what my brother or my cousins or anyone older for that matter and soak it all in. It was great to listen to a really wide variety of styles and sounds.

My cousins were big on Santana and this album especially. I remember I was just learning how to play guitar when they played this for me. Blew me away at 10 years old. Still does. Santana’s style is so pure and distinctive and all the rhythms going on are really magical. I was real happy years later to take one of those cousins to see the band in New York City at Pier 84. At least I think I paid! Was a loooong time ago…1988 I think. I saw him again at the Fillmore in San Francisco sometime in the early 90’s as well. Very good band to see live.

If you’ve never dug on Santana this is a great album to start with. I’m not a superfan and don’t know the whole catalog but this one never gets old.