Brazil just elected a madman in my opinion in Jair Bolsonaro, a man who will be using some very extreme and deadly tactics in that country.

While I know about Brazilian politics as much as the next guy, which is likely very little, journalist Glenn Greenwald has been living there for some years now and being a smart guy probably knows of what he speaks on the subject. I don’t always see eye to eye with Greenwald but I trust his assessment here. Probably a good basic introduction to what’s about to go down there in the near future and a good reason for a lot of us to learn more about Brazilian politics.

I think income inequality globally is really driving these extremists into positions of power and that this trend is increasingly going to become more dangerous for the planet writ large. I don’t know the answer but I see the problem. I hope the young generation really starts to get political and rebellious, otherwise I don’t see mankind surviving on this planet through the end this century.