If you use iTunes, like me, you may have wondered where the streaming radio went. Not the radio with Beats and all that, but regular stations from around the world. I used to use this a lot and just thought it disappeared. Thanks to Gary at MacMost (a pretty good YouTube show with small useful tips) he walks you through how to find the function. It still exists but Apple got tricky on where it’s located. Watch and learn and find those cool stations out there like KUSF, which I’m happily checking out now.





Man, I hope this news about Tumblr being blacklisted from the Apple App Store isn’t a sign the end is near. I hate nearly every social media site but Tumblr is still a place I roam, connect with a few people and I keep it all to myself. No friends IRL there.

I still find some really good art blogs, weird shit and lots of retro blogs that I like a lot. It’d be a god damn shame if it all just disappeared. I understand if there are some problems with content involving minors that there’s no room for that. I’ve never seen anything like that there, even accidentally (though that doesn’t mean anything). Hopefully it gets resolved hasta pronto.

I still have the app on my phone and nothing seems to have changed as far as changing any settings or anything. Guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope the thing survives. Gonna keep on top of this story for sure.