Photo Illustration: Fred Vee

My disdain for Donald Trump goes back almost 40 years when as a teen I read his book "The Art of the Deal". It was a book full of shitty egoism and obvious lies. Read it yourself, I'm sure most people haven't. Additionally, having grown up in the NewYork area, his face was usually on Page Six or in a headline about a new building, ripping contractors off, a new girlfriend or wife. He was a scumbag then and he is now.

I feel bad for everyone who thought he was a rich, successful guy who owned hotels worldwide and was entertaining on The Apprentice and voted for him based on those traits. He's none of those things. He's a simple con man born with a silver spoon in his mouth and could care less about you, me or anyone besides himself.

I despise and am embarrassed by many things he's done these past 18 months but this immigration situation of tearing families apart at the border is more than I can stomach. Of course, no one should forget it's the republican party that for years has set all this vile hate in place. Trump just happens to be the face of it all right now and he has a unique talent of bringing out the worst in people.

This policy towards immigrants from the south is nothing short of terrorism and clearly sending a message that if you go to America, life will be shittier than the hell you're trying to escape. ICE is going way overboard and abusing immigrants and citizens alike these days. Dumb asses without a pot to piss in think this is all great because now there's someone lower than them to hate on. Amerikka is a hot mess.

This clown and his party might bring the whole American experiment to a belly flopping end if people don't start speaking up, organizing and calling out the bullshit of anyone spitting lies and racism. If not, it's all gonna come apart at the seams and there's only a few people I can think of that'll walk away unscathed, and there's a 99% chance it's not you.

Wake up.




The tweet above from user @sahluwal sums up my feelings about the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark by the Sacramento Police Department on March 18th. Clark, a 22 year old father, was in his grandparents yard when police confronted him as a suspect in a spree of window breaking in the neighborhood.

The linked article above shows helicopter footage and body cam footage of Clark being killed. Similar to other cases like this in the past, Clark was a young, unarmed, black man. He was holding a cell phone when the police, mere seconds after commanding him to put his hands up, pumped 20 bullets into his body.

It's unclear if Clark broke any windows or not and to me that's irrelevant. Just as any news that is sure to filter out about his past is irrelevant. In this case the cops were after someone they thought had a crowbar, and when confronting who they felt was the suspect (who had no crowbar) felt that 20 fucking bullets were required to diffuse the situation.

Jose Luis Villegas

That's murder. Just as Philando Castille was murdered, 12 year old Tamir Rice was murdered, and Michael Brown was murdered, among too many to list right now. All unarmed. All killed by trigger happy cops that, seemingly, have no training about how to do their job. Cops that come off as cowards that shoot when they feel threatened or their initial commands are not followed.

Growing up in the New York City area I remember cops killing, among others but most memorably, Amadou Diallo in 1999. They fired 41 bullets at him, of which 19 hit him when he pulled out his wallet and they thought it was a gun. 41 fucking bullets at one man!

These cases are clearly racial in nature from my viewpoint. However, it becomes more sinister as you think of the antipathy in the media and the storylines they build to justify police murders. Happens to white people people too, just not nearly as often and not nearly as publicized as far as I can tell. 

What it all signals to me, is the militarization of the police in America. They murder young black guys with out punishment, and demonize the victims to make the public think it's justified. Well, soon enough, it'll be political dissenters of any race, with police and media driving narratives of subversion and plots to overthrow the government. Then it'll be those who are friends of the dissenters, and on and on, until you have a full on police state who can kill at will. 

So yea, if anyone can explain the question at the top of this post to me, I'm all ears. Till then, fuck the police and watch your back.