I don’t watch a whole lot of television stuff not because I think it’s bad, though most is pretty bad, but the good stuff I can’t seem to keep up with. The last really good thing I finished was “The Wire” which was obviously a while ago. I got through about two seasons of “Community” which was fun but I got busy and never got back to it.

This week “Undone” started on Amazon Prime and I really like it a lot so far. The good thing about not seeing a lot of series is that I don’t know who the actors are and in Undone I love Rosa Salazar, who I’d never heard of. That she’s animated in the show makes no difference and in fact let’s her character come through even more. It’s real easy to fall for a character when you know them only as…well, the character.

It’s an interesting thing and an enjoyable surprise when you come upon talent in this way; unbiased and accepting. Salazar gives Alma just the right amount of cynicism which fits nicely with the crazy events that happen to her.

Good stuff. I hope it stays fresh for a while.




Back again after a long hiatus. Got a bit of a new look and will be adding some material very soon. I have a bunch of stuff I’m uploading to the YouTube, some of which I’ll post here and have a page on the site with all of it. I’m also streamlining the pages to a couple of galleries of relevant recent work I’ve been doing.

As for da blog I won’t be posting as frequently, maybe once or twice a week. Depends on how busy I am but no 5 days a week or anything. I’ve got comments open so feel free to say what’s up. I may start doing some posts in Japanese at the start of 2020 so my folks here have something to laugh at.

What else…nothing really. I’ll be seeing ya soon.




If they asked her if she was busy and her mind whirling with a million thoughts, I can relate. If they asked her if she was really a man or a demon about to kill them - I’d be interested and thankful for the distraction.




I’m definitely feeling like death is my co-pilot these days. Working on too many things at once and I’m starting to feel it. I’m not the most organized person in the world and little things start to stop me in my tracks at times. This week has been one of those weeks. Just gotta keep on keeping on.




This is a pretty wild x-ray I found on Reddit I think. The human body is an amazing thing. Contortionists are pretty amazing humans…at least their bodies are. I can’t begin to ponder my broken down body to do anything remotely similar unless it was involved in a car accident or some similar outside force put it that way.