“The Calamity of the Caucasian Male” Fred Vee, 2019

I’m still alive and kicking for better or worse. It’s been a long hiatus from this blog and I’m up in the air about whether to continue doin this or not.

I’ve about had it with social media and the internet in general. During the last month I realized how much time I waste online. I don’t even do social media really, but admittedly get caught up in Reddit and Tumblr, not to mention YouTube. I feel stupid being a 53 year old dude reading goofy arguments, collecting pictures of artists I like and watching videos just to be distracted most of the time. Plus, posting here feels weird as well.

I’ve been living in Japan for 8 years plus now and I’m still illiterate in Japanese. I started making a real effort a few weeks ago to change that. It’s ridiculous I can’t read or write worth a shit and I feel this is where my energy and focus should be from now on.

I’m still creating stuff and enjoying myself while I do and I do want a place to share what I’m doing. I think I’m just gonna post once a week here. Not sure what day but Monday’s sound pretty good. Probably gonna strip this site down to as minimalistic as possible. Web sites feel like graveyards to me.

Anyway, I’ll figure it out. If ya got any suggestions drop me a line.




If they asked her if she was busy and her mind whirling with a million thoughts, I can relate. If they asked her if she was really a man or a demon about to kill them - I’d be interested and thankful for the distraction.




I’m going to be pretty busy the next two months, so posting will likely be less frequent. I don’t want to get into why just yet but when things settle in next week I’ll give an update. Meanwhile, Satan is always entertaining - give him a call.




I’m definitely feeling like death is my co-pilot these days. Working on too many things at once and I’m starting to feel it. I’m not the most organized person in the world and little things start to stop me in my tracks at times. This week has been one of those weeks. Just gotta keep on keeping on.




This is a pretty wild x-ray I found on Reddit I think. The human body is an amazing thing. Contortionists are pretty amazing humans…at least their bodies are. I can’t begin to ponder my broken down body to do anything remotely similar unless it was involved in a car accident or some similar outside force put it that way.




A little reported tragedy that happens to hundreds every Christmas: loss of fingers or even worse, hands, due to opening too many gifts. Many times what seems like a harmless paper cut while unwrapping a gift gets deeper with each subsequent gift until suddenly the appendage detaches from the body. I really wish more attention was this horrible phenomenon.