My latest painting which I finished today. Again, very much enjoying the acrylics and charcoal combination. I like the contrast between them and the way the charcoal gets layered over or when used for a final bold black.

I experimented a bit with some different textures that I hadn’t used before. You see in the lower right and kind of mesh thing, the use of a palette knife with the red lines and using a dessert lid to make some circles down in the mix.

It was fun and as always I had no idea what would turn out. I’m pretty pleased with this though. I’m starting to understand a bit better what the paint is capable of and how to control it a little. But that’s boring to talk about. It was very relaxing and stress free to create. I can’t repeat enough that with painting and printmaking I really love the process. It’s full of unexpected turns and mystery. I can’t ask for more than that.