Random retro photo found on the innertubes. Reminds me of the way people used to share photos. Prints from the drugstore or the Fotomat, passed around our put into photo albums. Sure people still do that these days but obviously photo sharing platforms or even your phone is the dominant way now.

I’m not saying one is better than other but I think I’m personally going to be making more photo books this year. They’re cheap to make, the quality is pretty good and it’s something tangible people can hold. I’ll admit printing out photos and putting them in a album has crossed my mind many times but like a lot of people I get too lazy.

So I think I’ll start with the the online books. Maybe one a month might be a good goal. Nothing fancy or artistic (though I may make a few of those as well) but just my favorite images, no matter the subject, collected in a book.

Sounds good. I’ll let ya know if I actually do it.