People are honestly fucking stupid. Nike puts Colin Kaepernick in an ad campaign and white people are out there burning their shoes, cutting their socks and other stupid shit to products bought and paid for.

"See this Nike! NO MORE! I'm a patriot!" they say, instead of being honest and saying, "I hate this black dude and you suck Nike for using him", because that's what their chicken brains think. Not to mention, let's say 30,000 of these knuckle draggers burn their Nike shit in Amerikkka to make a big protest to the company and they spent $100 on said burnt merchandise. That's 3 million dollars. If Nike loses that yearly you honestly think they'll give a shit?! Plus, after the Cracker Barrel fools did all this, Nike online sales went up about 30%. You can't buy promotion like that for 3 million. Fools.

All because they don't like the black athlete who made a silent, barely noticeable, symbol of protest against violence by police to young black dudes (as in murdering them) by taking a knee during the national anthem before game time. Seriously. Kaepernick didn't make a big show about it, didn't yell or scream or act the fool. Just quietly decided not to stand for the National Anthem, you know when all the fans are busy taking a piss before the game starts. I guess their symbolically pissing on free speech. Boneheads.

Forget that Nike doesn't make shit in Amerikkka. They hire factories in places like Vietnam, which in turn exploits the laborers there, so that Nike can sell you their crappy products for $100 that cost them $5 or $10 to make. That's just fine! Getting ripped off by some shitty corporation that exploits the most vulnerable to make more profits is no problem for these fatneck worms. But a black guy making a statement to draw attention to Americans being murdered by their own police forces? Can't have that. Buncha fools who had their brains fried by too much Fox News.

And then there's the ones like ol' Brenda Murph up above who just can't be bothered to take 2 seconds to check on something before putting her little fingers to the phone and trying to be clever on that shithole Twitter.

Good work Amerikkka. It's interesting watching an empire falling apart at the seams and seeing people soooo passionate about killing themselves. While they were watching football and "Shark Tank" and "Maybe I'll Fuck This Dude", they didn't notice the rug getting pulled out right from under their Converse sneakers. 

So long Amerikkka...have a good trip.