I don’t know what people are writing about when they say Brett Kavanaugh was defiant in his testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee. What I saw was a guy at the brink of a nervous breakdown. I saw a guy filled with partisan vitriol. A guy breaking into tears at very odd times in his opening statement. I saw a guy filibuster nearly every yes or no question that came his way from the Democrats on the committee, primarily and oddly about agreeing to an FBI investigation into the matter. I saw a guy who couldn’t give an answer as to how many beers is too many in his opinion. A guy who said he’s never had a blackout from drinking beer. I saw a guy lying.

I have no idea really whether he tried to rape Christine Blasey Ford 35 years ago. Maybe he doesn’t even really know. And without sounding callous, at this point I really don’t care. The allegations are awful and Blasey Ford came across credibly during her testimony. But at this point it does seem like a case of he said, she said and I don’t know if an FBI investigation would clarify it. What does matter to me is this guy, unequivocally showed he does not have the temperament for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the United States.

This guy was touting conspiracy theories against him in a state of near paranoia. Looked and sounded like a 15 year old begging his peers to believe a lie he’d been caught in. No contemplation, no ease of answering basic questions, no idea why he’s in the spot he’s in. This is an angry, petulant guy who really seems to believe he’s entitled to the job just because he was nominated.

Kamala Harris pointed out that Neil Gorsuch was put before the same committee and there didn’t seem to be a conspiracy out to deny his nomination and he didn’t break down like this guy despite the partisan nature of his appointment. She declared the only difference between the men really was that Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault. A charge he didn’t defiantly deny but slinked, squirmed and cried his denial.

What he showed today is not what I think of when I think of a Supreme Court Justice deliberating matters of the highest importance. He gave away his real character today and it was embarrassing and ugly to witness. He left the stale taste of a man who can’t be trusted. Mendacity filled the air not from the big question of the day but from the little things that floated out of his mouth.

I’m sure he’s drinking a few beers tonight safe in the knowledge that the committee looks likely to approve his nomination for a vote. But it’s gonna be a tight vote in the senate. He won’t be able to cry and stomp his feet and drink a lot of water during that vote. He’s probably gonna be drinking a few too many beers (however many that is for him, we’ll never know) that day with Timmy, PJ, Becky and the gang who hung out with the Georgetown Prep boys.