Mike Patton is to most people best known as the singer of the band Faith No More. But to his fans he is much more than that. An incredibly versatile vocalist, he has more bands, side projects, collaborations and guest appearances than I can keep up with. He might be the hardest working guy in show business that is under the radar for the general public.

When he made the scene as the replacement singer for Faith No More on their release "The Real Thing" I knew nothing about him, the album didn't do much for me and I hated the video. In retrospect, I think he probably had certain pressures put on him to mimic the trend of that time (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, etc) and I wrote the guy off as an Anthony Keidis wannabe and tuned out from the band.

Fast forward to the mid 90's and met a woman who became my wife. I noticed she had all the Faith No More releases up to that time and asked her why she liked the band. Aside from the music she said the singer was great. I mentioned how I disliked all the stuff I mentioned and she informed me the rest of the music was nothing like that. So I put on "Angel Dust" and immediately changed my position on the band and Patton. I've been a huge fan since.

I don't want to get into all the side projects he has, but do a search if you're not familiar, you won't regret the investigation. Tomahawk happens to be maybe my favorite of his other groups, most likely because he's teamed up with The Jesus Lizard's guitarist Duane Denison (one of my favorite bands), the drummer from Helmet, John Stanier (Helmet rocks!) and Kevin Rutmanis from The Melvins (fuck yea!) on bass. That's a hell of a line up and they deliver. They recorded four albums and I like them all, though this and Anonymous probably are most in rotation.

So this post is basically for Tomahawk but really a big thanks to Mike Patton. He's a real artist, seems to keep his feet on the ground, is unflinchingly brave artistically, and I have a shit ton of respect for him.