Time has not been kind to me the past few weeks. We've been planning a pretty big exhibit at the gallery and all the little things seem to eat up the most time. Suffice to say, my printmaking has been on the back burner unfortunately. 

This is the latest print I did and my personal feeling is that it looks rushed, which it was. It's also unfinished, though I think I'm gonna let it go and move on to something new. I was pretty happy with the color scheme I chose and managed to get. However, my original plan was to do with the reddish tone you see on the corners and try to make a gradient towards a lighter shade towards the center. In my rush I laid down the darker color without thinking it through properly and now that's the lightest shade I can work from. Oh well...

I also had plans to carve out more patterns across the top and bottom stripes and I still could but the blue won't show. My cuts were kind of ok but not really what I was hoping for. I was aiming to get a bunch of thin lines close together to create a kind of shading above and below the X's. Again, oh well...

I still like the print and got handed some lessons again. Planning and time are pretty important. I was stupid doing bits here and there with my eye on the clock and not at the work in front of me. I'm juggling too many hats at the moment. I feel like I'm going to do some simple designs in monochrome to be able to give the attention it deserves. 

So that's where things are at regarding my printmaking. If I can ever untangle my schedule and get more disciplined with my time, hopefully things will improve in a more definitive, concrete and noticeable way.