"Guitar Mood - Quite a Collection of Rare Instrumentals from Around the World!" is a gem I found on Ronald Grinder's YouTube channel. Anytime I'm in the mood for something a little off kilter, kitschy or just fascinating I go to this channel. Filled with...well I'll let Ronald speak for himself: "The pleasure of music through the timeless times / Dealer of lost sounds and emotions through the timeless times." I think that sums it up nicely. Check it out.


01. Tsugaru Jongara Bushi - Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans (Japan)
02. Limosna de amores - Los Relampagos (Spain)
03. Damaged Goods - Ventures (USA)
04. Spatial Slow - Les Guitares (France)
05. Rising Guitar - Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans
06. The Big Scroungy - The Tronics (USA)
07. Hay quien dice de Jaen - Los Relampagos
08. Changhai - Les Frangins (Belgium)
09. Nit de llampecs - Los Relampagos
10. Moscow Guitar - The Jokers (Netherlands/Belgian)
11. Johnny on His Strings - Electric Johnny & His Skyrockets (Indonesia/Netherlands)
12. Sentimental Guitar - Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans
13. Java Guitar - Timebreakers (Indonesia/Netherlands)
14. Galaxie - Les Guitares
15. So-Ran Bushi - Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans
16. El Cumbanchero - The Jokers