"Killed By Cop" - Fred Vee

So far I've been real happy to be participating in the exhibition / experiment my friend Marcos Fernandes and I thought up, Future Sound/Future Vision. Our first week was really cool with a good amount of visual artists showing up and going for theirs. Marcos did a few workshops and we had a live sound event. Not bad and next week we've got more live sound than this week so it should prove to be just as exciting.

For me personally I've felt a lot of freedom. A general lack of pressure that I tend to put on myself. I know a big part of that is having other people around creating. I get really inspired watching people get down and dirty with their work. We insisted on no rules, other than to listen to the sounds provided while you create, so I'm creating more and thinking less. I feel the other artists are as well. It's good mental exercise to react and just feel the vibe.

The woodcut from my previous post was created in this frame of mind, as was my painting, a child like crayon picture I did and the above drawing. I was listening to sounds that were quite mellow, with cicadas buzzing and almost tranquil. I started playing around with calligraphy brushes and ink, making shapes and what not.

Then something in that tranquility struck me as the quiet that often follows an extremely violent act. I started thinking of all the shitty videos lately of white people losing their minds in Amerikkka and calling the cops on mainly black people for, well being black while doing normal shit. I remembered reading today or yesterday was the anniversary of Eric Garner's murder by the cops. Then of all the black dudes murdered by the cops in the last few years (though it goes wayyyy back, obviously).

That stunned silence, sometimes very brief, that this really went down. That we witness another unarmed black man murdered whether you were there or we see it on video. It's fucking sad, stupid and embarrassing. It's worse that the outrage doesn't get respected and we see these yoyo's calling cops for nothing, without a thought I imagine that this could lead to the person's death (or maybe that's what they are hoping for).

And that picture above is what came out. Something I don't think I could do with my camera. Something that's amateurish and rough done in about 30 minutes but came from a place of real frustration. Something that freeing the mind of worry and getting lost allowed  it to happen.

Slowly, with inspiration from others, to think to myself, "Fuck it. Not much time left, better put down what you think." I'm trying a few new things and feeling it's what I need to be doing to get to where I want to be.