While I've enjoyed doing linocuts, I've been a little frustrated with the results I'm getting from the material I have available to me. Something about the stuff I buy just isn't holding color well. It's often uneven and if you look at the ones I've posted you'll probably notice it, like a textured look, which isn't what I'm looking for all the time.

So I tried my first woodcut yesterday as seen above. It was just a cheap block of wood from the art store, like a thick block of plywood I guess. My first impressions were it felt much better to work with. Definitely more tactile. The first prints I made of the circle were much more jagged and rough around the edges. I was able to clean them up to the best of my ability easier than on the lino material.

I intentionally tried for a easy design but not being good at circular shapes gave myself that challenge. I found it a bit easier to make the cuts and as I mentioned clean things up. I was a little intimidated thinking it was gonna be kind of beastly but found it enjoyable to work with. Definitely a little more work required and my hands are a bit sore as I had to carve away all the white you see in the print. 

I have another block of wood that I'm gonna start on soon, hopefully this week. Probably try something with more detail to get a feel for that. Then I'll likely go to the home center and buy some various woods and see what's what and what suits me.

Don't think I'll give up on lino but I don't have the patience at the moment to seek out a better material. Wood variety is more plentiful here so that's the direction I'm gonna head in for now.

Btw, I follow this guy Hernan Arevalo from Costa Rica on Instagram. I love his woodcuts and he's a real inspiration to me since I started printmaking a couple months ago. Check him out.