Comprised of the late Alan Vega and Martin Rev Suicide were punk as fuck. This album came out at the height of disco and stories of them playing live are legendary. They were practically despised by all but a small legion who got what they were about.

Video is out there of Alan Vega quite high on cocaine and god knows what else, preening and provoking and generally freaking people out. It's great stuff to say the least. They were like a mix of punk, spoken word, performance art, minimalism and satan all mixed together.

Their sound was unique. The lyrics reflected reality far more than most of the bands at the time. Punctuated by Vega's howls and screams it's not hard to see why people either loved or hated them. But over the years they've been covered by Bruce Springsteen (Dream Baby Dream, which is like tepid water compared to the original) and most notably "sampled" by M.I.A who basically just used this tune “Ghost Rider” and slapped her own lyrics over it.

In any event, Suicide's music is a must in your collection. People will look at you funny if it's not.