Right now, the gallery I run with my wife is having an interesting exhibition. We've assembled a group of sound artists (phonographers) and visual artists to collaborate by having the visual artists respond to the soundscapes they hear. It's all in celebration of World Listening Day 2018, which to be honest I hadn't heard of until my friend Marcos Fernandes told me about it and we came up with the idea for the exhibit.

Most of the work is being created in the gallery as the days go by, so it's constantly changing and evolving. We opened the show yesterday and got off to a really good start. It's all very serendipitous and freeform. We changed our usual hours to 2pm till 10pm so it's pretty cool having the night time vibe. To enhance it a bit more artists and visitors can bring beer or wine, kick back and chat or wait for that inspiration to hit and start making some art. Very chill atmosphere.

My wife is taking care of the visitors and what not but I'm participating on the art side. I'm aiming to make something everyday and to do a few things I don't normally do. I made a painting yesterday for example. From the sounds I've heard so far I think I'll be doing some woodcuts, probably some image transfers and some freestyle sketching.

If you are in a reasonable distance to Yokohama I'd recommend stopping by. We've got a really creative group of people on both ends. The sound stuff is worth the trip alone. Amazing, high quality work. Links to the website and Facebook page with all the relevant info are below: