Another week, another print, same problems. I had a real simple concept for this print which I'm sure is easy to see. I wanted a succession of squares from light grey, to a mid grey, to black within each other and against a bright background.

Obviously I'm still having trouble cutting a straight line as those are some wobbly ass looking squares! I guess it's gonna take some time and more practice just drawing the lines, let alone cutting them if I want something more symmetric. Who knows, maybe I'm more a free form guy but I'm gonna keep up the practice. I'd like to get a good grip on making shapes.

Inking is still giving me problems, You can see the light grey barely held and that was true for the 5 prints I made. I think I need to experiment with putting some kind of binder in with certain inks. The ink is very thin after I mix it and while that textured look can be cool, it's definitely not what I wanted.

My registration is getting better. I rigged up a decent system to try and get the paper aligned each time I ink the plate. Speaking of the plate, this was also the reductive method, cutting each color out from the same plate. I'm gonna shop around for some other linoleum as the stuff I'm using is kind of flimsy and I have to cut it down to a square. I want to try multiple plates to see if I can get some better results and I think I might need stronger material for that. Maybe not.

It was an interesting kick in the balls not being able to make some simple squares. It's a large reason I like doing this. It humbles me and gives me something to problem solve. No definite plan for the next print, but simple and minimal seems to be in the back of my brain.