For such a minimal print, this was actually a lot of work for me. I wanted to try something inspired by Kazemir Malevich cuz I really love the suprematism movement he founded. He mostly used paints and stuff so getting this as a lino print was tougher than I thought.

I don't like using rulers to draw out shapes so I wasn't expecting perfect squares but carving them out also proved to hard for me. Getting a consistent straight cut still isn't in my bag of tools yet, so I had to finesse these shapes the best I could with patience and an assortment of knives. I'm more or less ok with what came out.

Printing was a bit of bitch as well. First I laid down the grey background and as you can see, it's not completely smooth. It looks like texture but that's not really what I wanted. While I like the look of it, I'm still having difficulty laying down inks. Same goes for the squares, especially the red one. It might be the ink I'm using as it seems kind of thin and tough to get on the surface. I did my best with it. The black was better and by the 7th or 8th print I was getting a clean well inked shape.

So another one done. I have quite a few prints of this so I'll probably lay down another layer of red and black over the shittier ones and might experiment with adding more shapes kind of freestyle on a couple others. We'll see...

Overall, another satisfying exploration into printmaking. I learned a few things and got a few new ideas as well. As always, looking forward to the next one and the challenges it likely will provide.