My latest print. Took about 4 days to make as I used 4 colors and the reductive method on my plate. As always, I'm pretty happy with the results just because it pretty much worked the way I envisioned it.

My wife's advice about adding about 10% white ink to the colors after the first layer worked out  decently. A lot better than my last attempt, as my reds stayed fairly red and not bright orange and my blues sort of held though do look a bit purple. But again, trying the technique with a more proper approach for the first time, I'm not complaining.

So, the things that are still a problem in my eyes are:

  • I need to experiment more with adding the white to my colors
  • As you can see, my registration from top to bottom was pretty much spot on but I fucked up not making a corner for left to right with the paper so the colors bled. I have a fix I'm sure will work for next time though
  • As far as my carving goes, I feel like I need to slow down and think things out a little better (note the giant yellow line that cuts of the texture in the dude's face)

Those are the big things I see. Otherwise I'm happy with the outcome. It was a cool learning experience. Gonna just keep on doing my thing and enjoy the ride.