This was the first album I heard by Dax Riggs, in fact, the first I'd heard of him. Full of short tunes, with beautifully dark lyrics and sung with Riggs' from the gut vocals that convince he means what he sings, "We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love" is one of my all time favorites.

The friend who introduced me to this turned me on to previous bands Riggs has been in; 'Deadboy & the Elephantmen', 'Agents of Oblivion' and 'Acid Bath'. The music in those other projects varies from similar to what you hear on this record to heavy / thrashy / sludge stuff. I'm a big fan of all the stuff he's been associated with.

Don't know what he's up to lately. I've searched around but can't find much info. His website doesn't offer much current info at all and Google news searches don't come up with much either. As a guy who's pretty great and I think deliberately remained an underground / cult legend, maybe he said fuck it and got a job or something. Email me if you know anything. Otherwise, enjoy whats out there.