I suppose this is technically number 8a since it's the last plate I showed but turned it into a new image. As you can see the basic structure is the same but I added some new colors and additional line work.

I learned about adding colors on top of each other. I was under the impression that you put down the lighter colors, let them dry and cover with your next darker color and it'd just cover the lighter one. Wrong! It mixes colors like if you were trying to make a new color. I was trying to have that yellow pretty much the way it is and I wanted to layer a basic blue next. Well, as you probably know blue and yellow make green, which is what I was unpleasantly discovered when I pulled the first damn print. Initially I was pissed but the more I thought about it, I am using water based inks, so it makes sense they mix...I guess.

Well, that changed my whole plan for the direction I wanted yo practice. Was gonna lay the blue, then red for the lips but that wasn't meant to be. So I changed some of the areas I was gonna cut and what not and salvaged this as the best of 6 attempts. The others all have muddy areas or ink bleeding where it shouldn't. 

So what I really need to do is:

  1. learn a technique to overlay the colors without them changing
  2. work more on quality of smaller cuts
  3. improve my inking technique on the plates

Basically a fail but I learned some good information on how to reduce the colors mixing and changing colors. I may try some masking off areas on my next attempt or my wife told me adding white to the overlay color somehow helps.