From 1983, this is 虫 (Insect) from the legendary Japanese punk band The Stalin. Led by frontman and legend in his own right, Michiro Endo, I got turned onto these guys probably about 15 years ago. Can't say I understand the lyrics much, but it's got as good a punk sound and feel as any band from the west, if not better than many. 

It's funny how western music is so heavily exported, if not forced, on other countries. Here in Japan I meet cats who know all the obscure punk and metal bands from America and England but when I lived in the US, I'd meet very few people who knew Japan, Mexico or many other bands from outside the usual places (US, Europe and Scandinavia). I would of loved these guys when I was a teenager but I never heard of them.

I guess the internet has changed a lot of that and that's definitely a cool thing about it. You can find quite a lot of great stuff like this in any genre really from another era in a another country. That said, I think The Stalin really had punk flowing through their veins. Check out some live footage of them on YouTube sometime. Great live and Endo was an out there character. If you dig punk, these guys gotta be in your collection.