Went real simple this week. A square or block that is supposed to be blocking light all with what I intended to be roughly equal sized lines. As elementary as it is I encountered a couple of problems.

I mainly free styled this. I drew out the square-ish shape that's the focal point and then just cut the rest of the lines by eye. This obviously accounts for the uneven spacing and asymmetry with the lines, which doesn't bother me too much.

The bigger problem I had was inking the plate. I'm still not getting how shallow or deep to make my cuts, so as you can see on the upper right of the shape, the ink was too much I guess and bled out. This was the best of probably eight prints. I even cleaned the plate completely after a few tries and still got that muddy or pooling problem.

Overall, no big deal since I'm seeing what's wrong at least. This was pretty much a technical exercise, though I do like the idea and will likely give it another try down the road. Interesting how something so seemingly basic can create a challenge. I like that.