Here's an example of the photo series I'm dabbling with at the moment. I'm calling it DOUBLE X since it's all gonna be double exposures. The exposures are made rapidly so hopefully only a fraction of a second or separates the two images. 

I'm hoping to catch the so called "decisive moment" (NO, I'm not comparing myself to Henri Cartier Bresson), but obviously the moment I think is right, followed by the instant after. The combination gives a odd effect with a good subject. The feeling of a good moment being captured is there, but the ghosting from the second image makes you realize something isn't right. I like the idea of things never really being still, things always being in flux. 

The above shot is an ok representation of what I'm talking about. I just started fucking around with it a few days ago so I'll see if it proves worth pursuing. The weather is warming up so I'll be outside a lot more in the coming months. Maybe something else will grab my interest by then but either way, I'm done taking pictures of textures and shapes for a while. Completely burnt out on that for now.