Was very busy this week to be honest and didn't have much time to practice doing cuts or anything like that. I did have some time to sketch out a few ideas I want to make into prints. This was the least detailed one so I did all the cuts yesterday and printed this morning.

Even though things felt kind of rushed I'm real happy with the results I got. Again, it's a pretty simple and not detailed image at all. But I did get in some practice on doing some fine cuts like on the head and this dude's crazy mouth. The other thing I wanted to try was to create texture using a big u blade and while I didn't plan it out well (all the texture lines are pretty haphazard), I got a feeling for what's possible.

I should mention that after I made my sketch on the plate I was careful with the fine lines but stayed loose when doing the texture stuff. I was gonna try and be more deliberate but I don't know, once I get going I really enjoy the freedom of letting loose. I'm sure that's because I still have no skill at what the hell I'm doing. It's all god though. A productive and instructive print for me this week.