I'm a little happier with this attempt than the one I did last week. Starting to get an idea of what's possible but still feel like I'm test driving a new car.

I tried to create a little texture in the cloud and did ok I guess. The black areas could have used some work. I thought it would look a lil different than what resulted. Since it was a reduction print, once a made the decision for the whites and reds I couldn't change it.

The scale is a little off as well. I wanted it to look like the guy was just getting ready to fall to his hanging but obviously he looks like he's just standing there on the ground. I'm not a very good drawer anyway but I could have changed this before I started carving. No big deal but I shouldn't be a lazy ass and plan things out better. You know get into good habits from the start.

Otherwise I enjoyed making this print. I'm building confidence and not so hesitant to go light with the knives. It feels like you have to dig in there to have a chance for a line to show but that doesn't really seem to be the case. You can always go a little deeper later but not the other way around. So, I want to start building up shading and texture now that I know I can hack something out.

Oh yea, since I make quite a few prints just to get one good one at this point, I'm planning to use the throwaways to experiment adding watercolor, pencils or other stuff to see how it looks. I have a few other ideas for the future once my technique is more up to snuff.