Along with a lot of things these days, I find I'm not having any real luck expressing myself through photography lately. I like the stuff I do and still enjoy photography a hell of a lot. But, I'm full of rage and disgust at so many things in the world that, for whatever reason, I can't seem to get it out of my system with photography.

I've never been a conceptual photographer in the sense of setting up props or using models to create a narrative. Maybe it's a failure on my part not to try and use the medium I'm most familiar with to start doing that. It just seems complicated and uninteresting to do. I enjoy photographers who do it well and, the likelihood of me ripping them off seems too easy. In any case, I'm not into it at this point and time.

Instead, I decided to try something new: lino prints. It's a form of printmaking similar to a woodcut where you carve out an image on linoleum (or some similar material), ink it and print it on paper. My wife being a printmaker has given me a lot of chances to see some great work from her friends who use the method and I'm a huge fan of the look of a final print.

Another thing that's got me all jazzed up about it is the process. Printmaking is old and has a rich history. It's visceral. You use knives and touch things. I've seen powerful work that is not very intricate and amazingly fucking mind-blowing work that is insanely intricate. So, I think I can get something satisfying to myself out of the process without much skill.

I have all the stuff I need to get go going, as seen above. I'm itching to make blunt, unambiguous work right away. But for the next little while, taking a piss on things is gonna have to wait till I can use these tools without cutting my fingers off. Starting after I write this I'll be making some basic shapes and seeing what's what.