It’s only a matter of minutes at this point, maybe 15 at most they say. I’m watching from the roof of my building as I write, knowing this will never be read but I don’t know what else to do. The bombs are on the way and I’m excited to know this will all be over soon and have no-one to talk to. 

It’s amusing watching the reactions. We found out about an hour ago, though it’s not a surprise. Things have gotten worse and worse in what felt like the course of a week but was actually more like a month or two. Still, so many of them down there are in disbelief. 

Packed in their cars trying to flee, stuck in the maze of streets and avenues like flies in a spider web. Others are delirious in their denial. Looting from stores, trying to lug as much shit home as they can, thinking this is a false alarm. They’re too stupid to notice the regime’s thugs are nowhere in sight. Who knows where those cowards are.

Another notable group is unusual and distinct. They have guns or knives and are murdering others with no rhyme or reason. The old, men, women, children, babies…even each other! Their last moments pretending to be evil, wantonly killing or torturing as they see fit. Within the group of murderers are those killing in the role of savior. Courage sweating from their brows as they defend the defenseless. It’s quite a show.

Well, I wish I could go on. There’s so much more lunacy to describe! However, I’m going to put this device somewhere it might not get destroyed…basement I guess. Then back up here and wait for the blinding light to absorb me back to where I belong.

Fred Vee