Startled by the sound of metal smashing into metal I awoke from a dream dense with imagery and meaning, none of which I can remember now. It was late afternoon and already dark outside. The room so cold I could see smoke come from my mouth with each heavy exhalation, my breathing fast and nervous due to the ominous sound outside my window. Although I was warm under the covers, my body shivered in fear. Fear of what I’d heard as much as fear of losing body warmth if I dared leave the cocoon of warmth the hours in bed had created. I was frozen by indecision as I heard the sirens start to wail in the distance. This made matters only worse as I knew one way or another I’d have to leave the bed as the police would be banging on each door of every building until someone answered or they broke their way in to search for and interrogate every living creature about the disturbance outside. I stayed put. Of course, I’d been through this many times but not under these circumstances. Would they drag a sick man from his bed to get no information? Or would they allow me to stay where I was if I yelled for them to come in and cooperated, explaining my condition once they entered? I wracked my brain trying to think if anyone had told me what they do in these cases. The sounds of the heavy boots and suddenly the banging on doors down the hall filled my room. It would be only a minute of so before they arrived. Still shivering with fear I decided to remain in bed when they arrived. Certainly they wouldn’t make me leave the warmth of my bed once they saw I had no windows. How could I be expected to give them any information of value if I had no way to witness whatever had happened? Furious voices yelled outside of my door to open up. I tried to yell to them but no sound came out when I opened my mouth. The battering of fists upon my door was a violent cacophony. I tried again but even if I did make a sound I’m convinced they couldn’t hear it through the chaotic symphony they had created. I tucked into my blanket just as I heard the door smash open.

Fred Vee