One of my favorite GIF's from one of my favorite movies, the Japanese cult classic "Funeral Parade of Roses" (薔薇の葬列). The movie was released in 1970 and explores the gay, transvestite and underground counter culture of the time. Pretty groundbreaking stuff for it's time in any country.

Very avant-garde with a series of twists and turns, the movie naturally goes over the top at some points but only lends interest from point of view. The movie stars a very young and quite beautiful Pita, who has gone on to be an iconic figure in Japan. I’m not exactly sure if s/he fully transitioned to a female but I’ve seen him/her (I don’t know if Japanese trans people use pronouns to identify as it isn’t very common to use them in everyday speech) on TV quite a few times speaking very openly. Again it’s a bit strange as on TV gay culture is accepted (if that’s the right word) but in normal life it’s not so open. Which makes the film all the more fascinating.

Directed and written by Toshio Matsumoto, it's def worth a watch.