This eponymous debut album by Boston came out in 1976. Filled with tunes that are perfect hard rock, radio friendly gems I remember hearing from late elementary school to this day. I never owned a copy of this that I can recall but there isn’t a song on here I don’t like. They were constantly played on any FM rock station anyway.

As I grew a little older I learned that guitarist Tom Scholz was not only a pretty good guitar player but a technical whiz. He created many of the electronic devices used to get the amazing guitar sounds that really define Boston’s sound. As a side note he invented the Rockman portable guitar amplifier that were wildly popular back in the day.

This is really a fun album to listen to from start to finish. Really brings up feelings of good times and letting go of the word for about 40 minutes. Great songwriting and amazing sound make this a go to listen for me a few times a year.