Bam! Another right to my mouth. Blood flew to the left in one large ball that, like a formation of men suddenly under attack, spilt into smaller groups spreading out in disjointed directions. As it landed with an audible splat, it mixed with various other bodily fluids that unwillingly left my body during the beating. The cumulative effect was forming interesting patterns which I convinced myself were rather beautiful. Again I was asked for information I honestly didn’t have. If I did know something, I wouldn’t have been able to say anything comprehensible at that point anyway as I’m pretty sure my jaw was broken. Plus, during one blow I wasn’t prepared for earlier, I nearly bit off the first centimeter or two of my tongue. I felt it’s separation in my mouth and couldn’t help but try to push it against the sides of my teeth to keep it from separating. Blood flowed from both sides of the hole on my face that was ostensibly my mouth. Still they persisted with questions they were certain I had answers for. Although I was a close to leadership, my role was strictly to provide conceptual advice, mainly on matters of morality. They never gave me details, only describing broad hypothetical scenarios, which were no secret to my interrogators. From the corner of my eye, I saw one of them approaching me holding a sizable rubber hose. I looked at the floor again searching for the divine patterns I was positive existed there a few minutes ago.

Fred Vee