David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) (1972)

This painting by the British artist sold for $90.2 million in New York City, making it the priciest piece of art by a living artist. The brief description of the sale is nothing less than vomit inducing. As are the sales by other artists at the auction.

This isn’t a critique of the artists themselves but of the soul sucking process of the high end art acquisition world. At this time of crisis the world faces, very little comes close to giving the human race a giant middle finger than these exercises of vanity and excess. I’d just as gladly eat a high velocity bullet for breakfast then spend an hour with someone wealthy who would spend this amount of money on a piece of art.

The days are racing away to the point of humanity being on the brink of extinction with a large swath of people unsure of what it all means and with the super wealthy just not giving a shit. Look, I dig art as much as anyone but spending this type of money on a painting is not only gut wrenching for the reason mentioned earlier, but if you are unable to anything more creative than spend money, use that 90 million wisely. Like to commission a shit ton of artists worldwide to get the message across to the people who don’t have time to keep up with news or are just blind to how close we are to committing mass suicide due to…ah, never mind…it’s greedy, self serving, vane, psychopaths with all the money driving us off the cliff and buying stupidly priced art we’re talking about. What a coincidence. Well, enjoy your art psychopaths. Don’t hang it that Malibu summer house though as it it’d be a shame to see all that money go up in flames.